Zombie Fighters’ Guide to Balancing Process and Purpose by Janine Donoho

Hawk in flightIn the wild blue stratosphere of authorpreneurs, I suppose I’ve fledged. Not ready for the high thermals or gale forces yet, but I gained a few skills. What I’m struggling with? Finding a dynamic balance between purpose, which is to write new stories, and the process of social media success. I’m told this connects me with new readers.

I’m definitely better at the former. Yet as anyone who’s been employed knows,Zombie warrior process can crush your productivity—if you let it. Since this publishing blitz, I’ve virtually met virtual people that I’d love to talk with over an actual cuppa. That doesn’t get the story written, though, now does it?

In keeping with that, I’m relying on the essentials of zombie fighters everywhere:

ZombieGo brilliant with resilience – learn to adapt quickly to new adventures;

ZombieCommit to fit – dodge the body blows with daily strength and endurance workouts;

ZombieOust the doubt – dwell on the successes and treat yourself as you do your BFF;

ZombieCollude with food – eat what fuels you best and ditch the garbage;

ZombiePalm the calm – listen, reflect, meditate, and embrace the joy.

So as I teeter on the precipice with rudimentary flight muscles, I’m also embracing April as my shift from author back to writer. That means taming the blustery media whipping me to and fro. For in today’s world, we writers need to negotiate the elemental mix of air, earth, water, and fire that buffets our social media world. Let’s do so on our own terms.

How do you balance author with writer? Is participating in social media a heavier lift than writing? Or vice versa?Red-tailed hawk in flight

Where Sea Meets Land by Janine Donoho

In the process of writing, one crucial response to exhausting my creative source is to change things up a bit. This goes beyond conditioning body and mind into worthy tools. Instead it focuses on ways to rest the charley horse cramping my writer’s brain.

Going to my favorite hardware store can be fun. I like to visualize exotic applications for washers, pipes, flexible plumbing connections, faucet handles, copper tubing and flashing. Steampunk couture, anyone? Or maybe it’s the fabric store, where pet-able materials and unique frills relax the writing part of the brain…or a cook’s shop where gadgets rule. Then a more impactful  fix offers itself.

Today I’m relishing changes in latitude and attitude. Joy is having writerly friends who travel – and who share their pack with you. My role as gypsy pup- and house-sitter presents opportunity to steep myself in local island culture even as I consider my new Fire and Earth Elemental projects. Along the way I check in with my BookTrope team, who are sailing SOUNDINGS, Water Elemental toward publication this coming February.

Enjoy these pictorial highlights.

Where sea meets land

Soundings, Water Elemental

LaunchFebruary 27, 2015
The big day is here.

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