Short Stories

Tooth & Claw

5 Edgy Tales of Contemporary Life

We humans account for one limb of an extraordinary and varied tree of life. As other animals adapt to an often violent world, so must we. In this dark collection of tales, join ordinary people in a fierce exploration of what it means to survive.

Tess chooses a Smith & Wesson to exact revenge on predators both urban and wild. Or does she opt for a more nuanced and satisfying reprisal? Elly lives in rural desert, disconnected from communal support by both distance and a fragile worldview. Her philandering husband’s abuse keeps her in line–until a bout with the flu places him in her capable hands.

When a close-knit community falls prey to urban criminals, retired firefighter Wayne and his mother Eva tap into courage, then discover its connection to mercy. National news reports a sniper’s progress as four women react according to the gravity of their wounds and personal strengths. Finally Renata and Zorah discover a unique means to exact vengeance on scoundrels who dismiss them as expendable–and harmless.

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Boundary Crossings

5 Contemporary Tales of Pushing Borders

What constitutes a border? In the geographical sense, rivers, mountains, and deserts can define limits. Physical boundaries limit people from doing what they choose to do—and sometimes keep them from harm. When a mental frontier restricts you, who powers this abstraction? Why you do…of course.

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Petit Fours

6 Delectable Bites of Contemporary Women’s Fiction

Our connections make us who we are—imperfect and entirely human. Ah, love, unruly love, offering us bonds to expand our lives—or narrow our horizons. In this collection, you’ll meet:

Celtic love knot teal brta scientist who travels across a continent to grapple with persistent restlessness before finding a remedy,

an exhausted mother leaning into the precipice toward desire,Celtic love knot teal brt

Celtic love knot teal brta second wife elevating herself to beloved status,

a design engineer wrestling through painful history to embrace the now,Celtic love knot teal brt

Celtic love knot teal brta wounded equestrian finding solace—and more—in her Grandmother’s Italian villa,

and a hellion tackling the uncharted territory of softer emotions.Celtic love knot teal brt

Unwind with these stories even as you discover how uniquely fraught and surprising the everyday world can be.

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