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 Soundings, Water Elemental

Now available from Amazon and Barnes and NobleDoes the skin you wear reflect your deepest self? A psychologist and grieving mother learns how far she will go to keep what she most desires.

Calling Down the Wind, Air Elemental

A young woman grapples with the wonders and pitfalls of a bewitching legacy in her search for true family.



Mistborn Chronicles

Borne of Mist

A rapacious mage rips the veil between realities to pursue an escaped captive. Into a world innocent of magic and meager sciences, mysterious powers and creatures surge through the rift. This triggers events leading to earth-shattering changes to this world and others.

Forged in Mist

Both marvel and monstrosity continue to surge through the thinning mist between worlds. Sorcerous storms envelope oceans and continents, setting fire to ancient forests and disrupting once thriving ecosystems. The race to save not just this world, but those linked to it heaps destructive pressure upon each link necessary to triumph.

Chosen by Mist

The battle to save this world—and others—intensifies. With more fronts to this conflict opening with each dawn, the defenders grapple with diminished resources to prevail. Success—or failure—depends upon individual choices of each with cataclysm pending.


Women’s Fiction



A vulnerable woman strives to save her community from a man whose history compels him to change all she holds most dear. Tensions flare as arson fires rage in this high desert community slated for a devastating hundred-year blaze. As both internal and external wildfires rip through the high desert, can anyone expect to remain unscathed?

Petit Fours – 6 Delectable Bites of Contemporary Women’s Fiction

Our connections make us who we are—imperfect and entirely human. Ah, love, unruly love, offering us bonds to expand our lives—or narrow our horizons and reminding us how uniquely fraught and surprising the everyday world can be.


Short Story Collections

Tooth & Claw – 5 Edgy Tales of Contemporary Life

We humans account for one limb of an extraordinary and varied tree of life. As other animals adapt to an often violent world, so must we and in this dark collection of tales, ordinary people join in a fierce exploration of what it means to survive.

 Boundary Crossings – 5 Contemporary Tales of Pushing Borders

Physically a boundary prevents people from doing what they choose to do—and sometimes keeps them from harm, yet when a mental frontier limits you, who powers this abstraction? Why you do…of course.

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Soundings, Water Elemental

LaunchFebruary 27, 2015
The big day is here.

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