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Mistborn Chronicles

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Chosen by Mist – Book 3

We are never-ending and our lives boundless. Recognize in the essence of every living being that you meet a part of yourself. 
-Excerpted from “An Analysis on the Infinite Nature of Matter” by Mage Touleramanie

In the conclusion of MISTBORN CHRONICLES, CHOSEN BY MIST begins where FORGED IN MIST ended. The battle to save this world—and others—intensifies. With more fronts to this conflict opening with each dawn, the defenders strive to prevail—outflanked and hobbled by diminished resources. Success—or failure—depends upon individual choices. Impending cataclysm shadows each action. Meanwhile Morchem calibrates his victory when the world lies dead at his feet. His goal of gaining an apprentice appears closer than ever with a profusion of options presenting themselves. Morchem continues to gain strength, wielding decisive power. Will the allies cleave to honor and respect for life? Or will Morchem sever their connection to that, too?

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Forged in Mist – Book 2

Both marvel and monstrosity continue to surge through the thinning mist between worlds. Sorcerous storms envelope oceans and continents, setting fire to ancient forests and disrupting once thriving ecosystems. The race to save not just this world, but those linked to it heaps destructive pressure upon each individual necessary to triumph. In this world ravaged by sorcery, FORGED IN MIST begins where BORNE OF MIST ended.

Elishandra and Zen’s compatriots battle on two fronts, separated by mission and geography. Grievous injury and death shrink their numbers, diminishing their chances of survival. Meanwhile Morchem’s amplified influence erodes their world’s foundations. The necromancer and his collaborators do violence to both living and dead. In this conflict, no middle course remains.

Zenadon must govern his emergent abilities—or be ruled by them. His comfortable life as Master Merchant behind him, he wrestles with oft opposing responsibilities as Commander and neophyte magic user. He’s also a man longing for his Chosen—an enigmatic woman whose actions alternately baffle and beguile. As his foes batter Zen, disturbing thoughts of vengeance and mayhem confound him, gnawing at his bedrock of honor and integrity. Can he gain enough control over burgeoning magic to overcome his adversaries? Or will he lose himself to the rage threatening to conquer reason?

Elishandra deals with issues both mundane and magical as she enlists allies. Deep awareness within the lands arises to greet or stymie her. With each step, she risks herself and those who depend upon her. Ambiguous partners present themselves, even as she questions her faltering capabilities. New adversaries surface. Sweeping changes to the earth and its inhabitants insert anomalies that threaten this reality. Beneath the onslaught, even more seasoned mages would falter . Can Elishandra force a dynamic balance amid the building chaos?

Morchem gains strength, wielding ultimate power—even over death. As connections to integrity and reverence of life thin and reach breaking points, Lisha, Zen and their allies risk everything. With entire realities at stake, each tests how much damage they can sustain while retaining their humanity.

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Borne of Mist – Book 1

A rapacious mage rips the veil between realities to pursue an escaped captive. Into a world of meager science and without magic, mysterious powers and creatures surge through the rift. This triggers events leading to earth-shattering changes to this world and others.

Ensnared are naive inhabitants and their natural world. Dead voids replace entire sectors of terrain and sea. Blood winds strip living flesh while bizarre plants and animals prey upon the unwary. Sea vipers ravage coastlines exposed by ice melt. Seasons no longer follow historical patterns. What happens to natives proves most troubling of all: they exhibit fearsome changes in their abilities.

Nearly thirty cycles ago fresh water in the Ciren Desert ran red. The Living Mist deposited a child on its luminous sands. Once again those precious waters stink of blood and desert-dwelling Kli!Canth discover another stranger—a woman near death. Responding to cryptic messages within ancient Eddas, they bring Elishandra sere Dancheʹ to meet the Living Mist’s other survivor.

Zenadon MelʹChaime remembers nothing before Kli!Canth nomads rescued him. As Master Merchant and son-adopt to a great merchant family, Zen prefers to focus on trade and profit. If only these nightmares plaguing him would stop… Then he meets the peculiar Elishandra, who hides more than she reveals. Yet Lisha’s boundless fear warns Zen about what he and his world face. Perhaps her prescient awareness holds the answers he needs.

These two Mistborn must learn to trust each other, developing tactics and strategies even as their evolving talents become paramount. Meanwhile a mage war escalates, promising to quench the spark of this world—and others.

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Mistborn Map

Mistborn Map

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