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Soundings, Water Elemental

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Can a grieving mother and physician mend her own heart?

Dr. Margo Updike loses herself in a shadow life after her daughter’s tragic death. Then a century storm deposits a young girl on her secluded beach in Puget Sound and renewal begins. When the apparent orphan exhibits signs of neglect and worse, Maggie vows to protect and heal her—no matter the cost.

The peculiar arrival of a secretive man, who claims to be the missing father, threatens Maggie’s revival. His odd behavior hides unfathomable secrets and peril, trapping Maggie on destructive shoals between reality and legend. Can she grasp his true nature before she loses her chance to rebuild a life worth living?

As a tsunami of murder and obsession engulfs Seal Cove, Maggie struggles to hold her unusual community together, even as a serial killer threatens to destroy everything. To what depths—and heights—will Maggie go for a daughter, a beloved man and, ultimately, her humanity?

Finalist Mercedes Lackey’s WRITER’S WEEKEND contest


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Calling Down the Wind, Air Elemental

New cover for my e-book.

Calling Down the Wind (Air Elemental)

Rue Pontaglia’s first lesson about wish fulfillment comes as she unexpectedly releases the wind to take away her brutal stepfather. But Bif Jones’ ghost lingers, awakening Rue to the wonders—and drawbacks—that accompany her newfound talents. Fathered by a Catholic priest and burdened with a mother who trades her beauty and self-respect for non-existent security, Rue must rely on her long-lost grandmother—and a surprising family legacy.

Rue takes this journey with a unique circle of friends and foes: Wild boy, Cheater, whose mother left him with his alcoholic father, and glorious African-Americans, Zahra and her mother, themselves no strangers to inherited witchery. Skinhead thugs, otherworldly transients and Rue’s coyote dog complete the mix.

Set in breathtaking Angel Valley, Nevada, CALLING DOWN THE WIND offers the ultimate coming-of-age story with a heroine both as unpredictable as the zephyr she calls and as real as her extraordinary gifts.

Finalist in the NEXT GENERATION INDIE BOOK AWARDS for Young Adult Fiction & PACIFIC NORTHWEST WRITERS’ non-genre awards.

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The original cover of CDTW.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. authorkatebreslin
    Aug 16, 2012 @ 11:51:08

    Awesome story! I read it years ago and it has stayed with me. a must-read!!



  2. zephyrsaerie
    Aug 19, 2012 @ 15:47:02

    Music for a writer’s soul. Thank you.



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Soundings, Water Elemental

LaunchFebruary 27, 2015
The big day is here.

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