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5 stars dropped5.0 out of 5 stars E book, December 27, 2012

By Judith F. Reel (Smithville,Mo USA)
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This review is for Borne of Mist (Mistborn Chronicles) (Kindle Edition)

Great story line and well written. I have read this author on and that is why when I found out that this author wrote a e book I bought it.

Thank you so much for my very first reader’s review of BORNE OF MIST, Judith. You’re officially a pack member.

As I finish editing FORGED IN MIST, Book 2 of MISTBORN CHRONICLES, I visited my Amazon site for an update. And there your review was–the equivalent of lightning bolt and plant root starter. Yes, a seemingly mixed metaphor even though both fulgarites formed by strikes and root starters can be rich in phosphorous–but that’s another story.

You see, we writers often write in isolation, impelled by story worms that drill into our brains and refuse to leave until we do their will. Then we offer our finished works to readers, hoping with little credence that someone will come along who gets the story. When that person goes even further and reviews with 5 stars dropped   …well, expect tears and crazy dancing.

The New DayNo longer quite so alone in the Okanogan Highlands. Thank you, my sweet, for both your interest in reading my story along with the added fillip your review bestowed. Joy to you and yours.

Fellow authors, how does a great review from a reader affect you? And Dear Readers, what compels you to write reviews?

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