Going There by Janine Donoho


Eumelanin levels &  UV intensity

Eumelanin levels & UV intensity

There is no such thing as “race.” Really. This toxic sorting process to stratify according to skin color has no basis and the human construct of “race” is just that—a fabrication. With yet another mass murder of exemplary people by one who’s not-so-much, I’m giving my inner biologist full rein.

Let’s keep this short, simple, and to the point. The origins of skin hue are geography and melanin. Melanin’s the pigmentation found in most organisms except spiders—go figure. Most notably the eumelanin version affects our skin, hair, and iris colors. As for the geography connection? In early humans living closest to the equator, abundant eumelanin darkened their skin, hair, and irises, offering protection from ultraviolet radiation damage, and thus reducing cancer risk. The further away humans moved from the equator, the less protection needed, which culminated in less coloration. Eons ago and in the usual way, these adaptations passed onto their offspring.

That’s it. Really. Darker colorations equate with higher levels of eumelanin and once corresponded with proximity to high levels of UV light. All other cultural nonsense associated with skin, hair, and eye color can be tossed into the overflowing bin of noxious tribalism. And yet…and yet this superficial difference continues to initiate racist murders, socio-economic retribution, and frankly, daily travail for those seen as the wrong shade.

Since I still have the bit in my teeth, I’d like  you to repeat after me:

There is no such thing as “race.”

There is no such thing as “race.”

There is no such thing as “race.”

Unfortunately, there’s still plenty of homicidally stupid out there. Ignorance kills, and to fix that, we really need to go big.

Eumelanin levels &  UV intensity

Eumelanin levels & UV intensity

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