Passageways: Breaking through to the other side by Janine Donoho

Snow gateWhile hiking in the snow today, a freestanding gate materialized from the mist. Not intended to protect livestock, this was another silly human attempt to restrict access. It clamored “mine, mine, mine” even as deer, coyote, and bobcat prints infringed on its periphery. My response? Gateways offer a way in—a transition between this side and the other. In other words, a call to adventure.Alhambra

EgyptWritten transitions elicit the same sense of excitement for me. No, I’m not talking about those boring, yet necessary, expressions that unify your opus via “and, whereas, because, yet, immediately…” Yawn. I’m more interested in the movement between one action and the next, which eventually develops as conflict, plot, and story arc. Those, I want to be dynamic, elegant, and somewhat imperceptible.

Now back to corporeal entryways. During international journeys, each culture’s approach to either invitation or deterrent fed my curiosity. Thus I’ve filled albums, both virtual and concrete, with photos of portals between one space and another. What insights I’ve gained animate my writing.Malaysian gate 17

Essaouira, MoroccoSo enjoy this visual of portals. May they rouse your inquisitiveness and make you want to explore what’s on the other side. Our efforts as storytellers aspire to invite readers in, after all, and travels to the other side can enrich that experience.GatesMoroccan doorCasablanca

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  1. Antonio
    Dec 25, 2015 @ 05:11:58

    i’ll have to check out this book … i adore farmer’s marekts. in fact, i wrote a whole blog post once about a day at the farmer’s market in st paul. there’s nothing more inspiring that having no plans for what to eat, and making it up as you shop, depending on what looks good. and the flowers … man, the flowers are amazing. i love to go early on saturday mornings, because there’s a guarantee that there will be at least one bride there gathering up flowers for her bouquet, making it on the spot. love that. you should totally come visit the st paul one … you know i have a room for you. ;o)



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