Warmed by Gratitude by Janine M. Donoho

Fairy LegsWinter crept upon us with fairy legs. The snow pack resembles a polar bear rolling around to scratch its back, agitating flurries as it wriggles. So grateful for a snug home,Doe eating dessicated Maximillian sunflowers outside the dog yard curried winter squash stew bubbling in the crockpot—a keyboard that does my bidding. Outside the dog yard, a doe browses last year’s Maximilian sunflowers. Playing with the cover of FORGED IN MIST, Book 2 of the MISTBORN CHRONICLES before editing more copy. Thankfulness cradles me.





Icicles on icicles

Icicles on icicles

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Soundings, Water Elemental

LaunchFebruary 27, 2015
The big day is here.

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